Residential Management

Keeping you dry, even in a downpour.

Murphy’s Law says anything that can go wrong will go wrong—but if you’re a JCS Investor, we have you covered!  Whether it’s conducting monthly property inspections, facilitating rent payments, addressing maintenance calls, or navigating through the eviction process—your problems are our problems.  Whether your tenants prefer to call our 24-hour service call-line or file a maintenance request through our online Tenant Portal, our team will keep your property (and your peace of mind) under control. When those major expenses do arise, we’ll be there to guide you through the options to ensure you are making the best decision for both your investment and your future.  

Proven Policies      

You'll receive strategic, pre-established policies on which you can put your personal touch, & we’ll vet potential tenants to ensure your property is in good hands

Cash-Flow Management

We can assist in assessing funds needed for improvements and ensure funds are strategically allocated based on priority and rental income

ROI Maximization

We help our JCS Investors determine when improvements can (or should) be made in order to maximize cash flow & return on investment. 

We do the work; you cash the checks!

We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled, “hands off” experience for our JCS Investors.  We keep track of all tenant records, repairs, improvements, expenses, and prep tax documents just like you would, if you had the time!  All your records will be conveinently a click away through your Owner Portal, and your accountant is going to love you come tax season.

Common Questions

JCS Realty provides its Owners with 1099 records and monthly statements that are convienently accessible through our Online Owner Portal.  We are also happy to provide Annual Profit & Loss Statements, Rent Roll, Maintenance Records, and Leasing Documentation upon your request.  

At JCS Realty, our Maintenance Technician conducts quarterly inspections of all rental properties we manage.  In these inspections, our technician proactively assesses the property to ensure appliances, heating, air conditioning, fans, windows, etc. are in good condition and working as they should be.  Performing these inspections allows our Technician to get ahead of any small problems that could spiral into big issues.  While we recommend quarterly inspections, we do provide our JCS Investors with the option of conducting more or less inspections upon preference. 

It takes time to develop a quality investment.  JCS Realty is passionately committed to the protection of your investment through our proven and solidified process of property management encompassing all aspects of tenant vetting, customizable rental policies, and strategic allocation of funds for improvements to maximize cash flow.  In our experience the minimum span of time to create this solid foundation for your investment property is one year.  With mutual committment to the profitability of your property, we can ensure your investments always stay in the black.

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