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At JCS Realty, our most critical task is finding what is most important to you and turning it into a reality. We know you aren’t simply looking for a house, therefore we’re dedicated to finding a place you can call home. We know you’re not just looking for an investment, so we will help you build an empire. We understand that your business doesn’t need A location; it needs THE location. So, whether you’re buying your first place, looking for a temporary residence, or making a multi-million-dollar investment, trust JCS Realty to guide you home.

Our Founder, Cole Stevenson, is a multi-generational native of Jonesboro, AR. It was his familial ties to the area that encouraged Cole to establish JCS Realty in 2014, here in the heart of Downtown Jonesboro. Cole recognized a genuine need for transparency and simplicity throughout the process of buying, selling, and managing real-estate in the local area. He went on to open JCS Realty in hopes of accomplishing those goals. Thus, when you join us, you will find no hidden fees, confusing structures, or complex deals. Our customers are part of our family; it’s our priority that you are treated as such

Having established a foundation of integrity within the real-estate community, we have attracted a group of like-minded agents that offer a complete suite of services and diverse skill sets dedicated to meeting your every need. Over the years, our real-estate experts have proven to be the pillars of our business. These dedicated agents coupled with our mission toward integrity have allowed us to build significant growth in Northeast Arkansas, and steadily expand our services throughout the rest of the state. 

Our clients are part of our family; it’s our priority you're treated as such.

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