Agriculture Management

Grow with us.

Whether you've purchased Arkansas farm ground for an investment, or have decided to keep it in the family for generations to come, here at JCS Realty we understand your needs and expectations.   Our management experts know best farm practices, how to navigate lease drafting, and have established an extensive network of quality farmers and professionals across Northeast Arkansas helping us foster a perfect storm of agreeable lease terms, management efficiency, and ROI maximization for our JCS Ag Investors.

Farmers & Contracts

Farms don't run without the farmer, and the best farmers don't work without trust in the landowner.  Here at JCS Realty we strive to bridge that gap in pairing the best farmers with our clients while structuring contracts to be mutually beneficial for you, your farmer, and the farm.

Season to Season

Whether its off-season, planting time, season, or harvest will be making sure that everything is running like it should.  With our strategic, seasonal, pre-established policies your farm is in good hands. From plant to harvest JCS Realty is here for you.

ROI and Equity Maximization

We help our JCS Investors determine when improvements to your farm can (or should) be done to maximize yield & return on investment while simultaneously keeping equity values going up.  

We do the work; so you can have peace of mind!

We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled, “hands off” experience for our JCS Investors.  We keep track of all farm records, improvements, expenses, and prep tax documents just like you would, if you had the time!  All your records will be conveinently a click away through your Owner Portal, and your accountant is going to love you come tax season.

Common Questions

JCS Realty charges our JCS Investors 10% of the gross monthly rents and an additional $50.00 monthly minimum for Management Services for each property. However, we happily offer bulk discounts to Investors with more than 5 properties. 

We do all the work; you cash the checks!  Once a month, an electronic transfer of monies received from Tenant(s) will be deposited into the account you provide to us upon signing up for our Management Services.  In the event of an account change, we can change with you!  Transferring accounts is a simple process that results in no interruption in services. 

Structures crumble when the foundation is unsteady, but with a solid start, anyone can build an empire. At JCS Realty, we love creating opportunity for our Investors.  Whether you're looking to retool your portfolio for better performance, move into a turn-key investment at a low cost to increase ROIs, or are seeking financial consulting from our Investment Experts to strategically allocate funding for improvements based on priority and rental income, JCS Realty will be there to guide you through the options to ensure you are making the best decision for both your investment and your future.  

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